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South Bend Clutch
South Bend Clutch, Inc. was founded in 1967 and has been owned and operated by the Pyfer family ever since. The business has grown over the years but still maintains a "small business attitude" so they can continue to provide their customers outstanding quality and service. SBC has also kept up with the latest technology with regards to manufacturing techniques such as Cryogenics and new clutch materials such as Kevlar(r). The products that South Bend Clutch has available for the diesel performance market enables the power of the engine to effectively transfer to the transmission. Chances are, if you've put more power to the flywheel, it is not all going to the ground. You may be letting some of your power and torque dissipate through the drivetrain. This can occur whenever there is an increased load on the engine and torque is quickly demanded, not just while starting from a standstill. Like those with a torque converter in an automatic, diesel truck owners with a manual trans and high horsepower engines often overlook this. Don't be one of them. Get the power you've paid and worked for to the pavement. These outstanding clutches and flywheels are an upgrade for stock, mildly enhanced vehicles and street or competition racing applications.