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Falcon Performance Shocks
TeraFlex has been involved with Jeep performance since the 1950s. Over the years we have developed innovative products that exceed expectations and deliver performance results. Correctly paired shocks are critical to a properly functioning suspension system. The relationship between spring and shock is inseparable. Engineering done correctly will address every aspect of vehicle dynamics--suspension geometry, spring rate, tuning, compression and rebound valving--to ensure a satisfyingly predictable handling Jeep. ? We want to offer this solution to each and every customer. Ultimately, the only way to definitively provide the market with the best product true to that methodology was to develop our own shock line. ? Falcon shocks are specifically designed to accompany TeraFlex coil springs, but will add significant performance to any suspension system. By design, Falcon shocks provide extremely predictable handling by improving both compression and rebound. In-house engineering experts have invested hundreds of hours in shock tuning to deliver optimal results that are literally felt by a 'seat-of-the-pants' experience. Falcon shocks are built with state of the art methods including CAD design, finite element analysis, in-house lab simulation and rigorous real world testing.